Using layers and organizing your zones

When you have to deal with a lot of zones, it besomes useful to organize them, to keep a clear view on the whole. The layers allow you to stay organized to easily manage your catchment areas.

The layers and zones management is done in the Layers panel on the lower left part of the screen.

Layers can be recognized by the following icon:

Each layer can contain one or many zones, allowing you to regroup and organize them according to your needs (region, country, brand, …).

Zones can be recognized by the following icons, according to the zone type:

Each zone is attached to a layer.

Adding a layer

To add a layer, click on the “Add a layer” button.

You can then name it as you wish.

Renaming a layer

To rename a layer, double-click on it.

Unfolding/folding a layer

To unfold or fold the content of a layer, click on the arrow on the left of the layer.

Moving a layer

To move a layer, click on it and drag&drop it the the desired position.

Showing/Hiding zones of a layer

To hide or show the zones in a layer, click on the “eye” button on the right of the layer:

Deleting a layer

To delete a layer, click on the delete button on the right of the layer:

Warning: deleting a layer will also delete all the zones wich are attached to the deleted layer.

Managing your zones

Adding a zone

To add a zone, use the “Add new area” panel on the upper left of the screen. For more information, see Drawing an isochrone, Drawing an isodistance or Creating a manual zone.

Deleting a zone

To delete a zone, click on the delete button on the right of the layer:

Save and share

To save your layers and zones, click on the Share button:

This will generate a unique link that will allow you to restore your layers and zones as they were when the link was created.

Moreover, you can share this link to your relations so that they ca see your layers and zones.

Now you can go to the map to start using layers and organize your catchment areas.

Start using OALLEY now: