Driving radius map application

OALLEY is an interactive map where you can create zones according to travel times. 

Perform easily and quickly your catchment areas analysis, optimize your logistics, prepare your local marketing strategies

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Choose the best location for your next point of sale

Analyze locations with population data, learn about their reach and assess their potential. Compare different locations to choose the best solution for your company with our travel time map.

Optimize your logistics and reduce costs

Define your delivery zones or service areas thanks to drive times. Save time and costs.

Drive your local marketing strategies

Draw your areas to optimize costs for better targeted and more efficient sales prospecting. Extract zip codes to target digital and print ads campaigns.




Zone de chalandise

Drive Time Map

OALLEY is a map that shows you how far you can travel for a given time or a chosen distance (isolines).

Depending on the means of transport chosen, OALLEY takes into account several criteria (speed limit on each type of road (city, countryside, motorway), timetables for public transport, cycle paths, etc.) and draws the limit area that you can reach for the specified distance or travel time.

Travel time maps are also called isochrones.

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Start using OALLEY now:

A radius map is a map where there is the possibility to draw and visualize radius or circle areas at a specific distance (km, miles) from a starting point. The starting point is determined by the geographic address or coordinates (longitude and latitude). 

To draw a radius map, you can use mapping tools like OALLEY. Open the app, click on “Add an area” then choose the radius mode with the circle icon. Fill the starting address and choose the distance, then click on Compute. You have your radius on a map!

Follow our guide step by step.

There are different option to draw a radius map. You can pick a radius calculator which would not allow you to do anything else. You can also use more sophisticated free tools. 

With OALLEY, you can choose which mode do you want to create zones: isochrone (travel time zones), isodistance (distance with means of transport), radius (circle), zip codes, or manual mode (with lasso tool). By using this area creating panel, you will be able to have a map with markers (for your locations) and catchment area, territories and have a view about which is reachable for a given time or distance. 

OALLEY is particularly useful for business for different purposes: access demographics and population data to conduct local market research, extract cities & zip codes to manage local marketing strategies or e-commerce logistics, export automated reports to go further their analysis and search and choose the right place where to implement their business.