The app for catchment areas and geomarketing

The OALLEY platform allows you to draw and visualize your catchment areas. Combined with our geographic data, they enable you to study the potential of a location and develop your company.

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Draw your catchment areas for free

The study of your catchment area is a crucial step in launching your business or opening a new location. It allows you to visualize and understand the geographical area of influence and assess its potential.

A platform for your geomarketing surveys

We have combined public databases on various themes: population, age, socio-economic categories, competition… to give you detailed and reliable reports for your geomarketing studies.

Focus on the essential!

Download the complete results (graphs, data…) as an Excel file to quickly build your market research files, your pre-contractual information…

Improve your productivity and the reliability of your reports with the data gathered by OALLEY.

Start using OALLEY now:

Check the surroundings of your future installation

Catchment area


Draw your catchment area with our platform to check the attractivity of your future location with our interactive map.


Combine your generated catchment area with our database to know the population, the socio-economic categories, the existing competition…


Check several locations and choose the one with the highest potential for your activity.

Discover our bolg and
and learn more about catchment areas

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