Import my data on the map

Feature available: PRO plan

Note: all data imported to OALLEY is stored only locally on your computer to guarantee the security and confidentiality of your data.

1 – Prepare your file in CSV format (with an address column or GPS coordinates)

2 – Then, go to OALLEY and click on “Add your data”

3 – Click on “Add data”

4 – Type the name of your dataset, and select the .csv file you want to import

5 – Indicate the header of the colomn that is used to geolocate your data (addresses or coordinates)

6 – Click on the Import button. Wait until the import is completed and click on Close

Once your data imported, you can see them on the map, know how many are in a given area, and extract them from a given area.

To see all your dataset on the map, click on the geolocation button of a given dataset. You can visualize several datasets at the same time on the map. They are differenciated by colors. 

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