Reduce an area

OALLEY allows you easily modifying the shape of your zones, to extend or shrink their size.

This can be useful to take specific constraints, or to update a territory repartition.

You can shrink a zone in 2 steps:

  1. Drawing of zone to remove
  2. Removing this zone to the zone to shrink

Draw the zone you want to remove #

The purpose here is to draw a zone that will be removed from the zone you’d lie to shrink. This zone can be drawn manually for instance (see Create a manual zone).

Remove this zone to the zone you want to reduce #

In this step, you will use the Subtract feature to remove the zone you created to the zone you’d like to shrink (see Subtract zones).

If you don’t need it anymore, you can delete the zone you’ve just created to shrink your zone (see Using layers and organizing your zones).

You now have all the information to modify and customize your zones with OALLEY.

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