Export my data from a zone

Feature available: PRO plan

Once you have imported your data, you can extract them by zone or layer. This feature can be useful to evaluate the number of customers or the turnover realized in one zone or another.

If you wish to analyze your data of an area, select the area to be analyzed either:

  • By clicking on it directly on the map
  • By clicking on its name in the zone management panel
  • By selecting it from the drop-down list in the Data and Analysis panel

To analyze your data on a layer (corresponding to all data in all areas of the layer), select the layer to analyze from the drop-down list in the Analysis and Data panel:

Click on “Add your data” in the Analysis and Data panel:

This will display a list of your data sets:

For each of your datasets, a number indicates the number of points within the selected area.

To extract the points in the area of a dataset, click on the dataset export button.

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