Export an Excel report on population

Feature available: PLUS plan | PRO plan

Whether it is to build your presentations or a business plan, it can be useful to have all the population data in Excel file with charts and tables. OALLEY allows you to generate in 1 click an Excel document providing a synthesis of the population data of a catchment area.

If you want to extract population data from a zone, select the zone to be analyzed either :

  • By clicking on it directly on the map
  • By clicking on its name in the area management panel
  • By selecting it from the drop-down list in the Data and Analysis panel

To extract population data from a layer (corresponding to all data in all areas of the layer), select the layer to be analyzed from the drop-down list in the Analysis and Data panel:

On the right, click on “Population”:

Wait until the extraction is finished, then click on “Export”:

The generated Excel contains 5 tabs:

  • Area: contains an image of the area and key data
  • Population: contains the demographics of the area
  • Employment: contains the employment data of the zone
  • Housing: contains the housing data of the zone
  • Household: contains data on the composition of households in the zone

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