Draw your catchment area

OALLEY is a radius map where you can draw ares depending on travel times (car, bicycle, on foot, public transport). 

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Draw your areas

Draw your areas using isolines (travel times, driving distance or crow flies)

Analyze population

OALLEY provides you with population data on your areas. Analyze them to get better strategies

Choose the best location

Analyze instantly several locations to choose the best location

What is a Catchment area?

A catchment area is very useful when creating your company or opening a new point of sale. It permits you to visualize your influence area on your territory and estimate their potential of business depending on isolines.

Usually, catchment areas are created by using isochrones. Isochrones are based on travel times according to different types of travelling: on foot, by car, by truck, on public transport… But they also can be draw on crows flies. Or depending on distance in kilometers or miles (isodistance).

Use catchment areas for different types of purposes:

  • Analyze their potential to choose which catchment area you should create your company
  • Pilot your local marketing strategies to optimize the volumetry by getting the number of inhabitants in your areas and extract zip codes to target them
  • Optimize your logistics – by using isochrones, it may be much easier and less expensive to manage your technicians operations areas or delivery areas

The isolines chosen depend largely on your sector. You may define how long are travel times for the majority of your clients.

You also need to know what’s your target and how you define them. Do you need a minimum of 20% of the population in your catchment areas to be older than 65? This is an example of what you need to analyze in your catchment areas.

Draw a catchment area

OALLEY allows you to draw these catchment areas and analyze them thanks to data on population.

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